Alhaja Hamdat Taiwo Omolabake Popoola’s Birthday Bash

by Feferity

It started as a whisper until she was swept off her feet by a full house of excited family members, friends, colleagues and loved ones.

The celebrant, her husband and surrounded by family members

Alhaja Hamdat Taiwo Omolabake Popoola’s birthday party at Dagenham, Essex, UK was another memorable experience of event anchoring for our reporter Olawale Hassan who witnessed the occasion.

Alhaja Popoola’s life picture was painted in glorious words by numerous guests at the party, these she had been very helpful to especially in the Nigerian community. She was described as a woman, who will never say NO to help anyone. She will always find a way of making you smile.

The celebrant – Alhaja Hamdat Taiwo Omolabake Popoola

If nothing challenges you to be good, such a pleasant surprise that was arranged to honour Alhaja Taiwo Popoola on her fifty-fifth birthday is enough.

During her response, flanked by her four daughters, she appreciated every effort put in by everyone to make a success of the event and she specifically acknowledged the role of her husband, Alhaji Abdur Rasak Aremu Popoola in building a home of faith and love with her.

Olawale G. Hassan writes from London, United Kingdom.




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