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“We’ll continue to push musical boundaries to keep our fans entertained

by Feferity

Genial Sound, Nigeria’s wave-making all-female band

Introducing the vibrant and trailblazing sounds of Nigeria’s contemporary music scene, we shine the spotlight on an all-female musical ensemble that is redefining artistic boundaries and cultural expressions. Hailing from the rich and diverse musical landscape of Nigeria, this exceptional group seamlessly fuses tradition with innovation, delivering a resounding celebration of feminine creativity and cultural heritage.

Comprising a talented array of musicians, Genial Sound, the all-female Nigerian contemporary band stands as a testament to the power of women in music. With a shared passion for pushing artistic envelopes and a deep-rooted connection to their Nigerian roots, their melodies are an enchanting tapestry of modern influences interwoven with age-old rhythms. Through their music, they channel the vibrant spirit of their nation, infusing it with a fresh twist that captivates audiences both near and far.

Another explosive performance by the Genial Sound, all female band. Click here to watch the video here.

Drawing inspiration from their diverse backgrounds and musical journeys, the band members skilfully navigate through genres, effortlessly blending Afrobeat, Highlife, Juju, and more with contemporary elements. Their compositions resonate with authenticity, offering listeners a harmonious blend of nostalgia and modernity. The band’s performances exude an electrifying energy that ignites stages and brings audiences to their feet, embodying the essence of empowerment and artistic freedom.

In a musical landscape where innovation and tradition collide, Genial Sound, the all-female Nigerian contemporary band boldly takes the reins, pushing sonic boundaries while preserving the cultural essence that defines them. As they continue to break barriers and create waves, their music serves as a testament to the dynamic fusion of talent, resilience, and cultural pride that defines contemporary Nigerian music today.

Feferity interviews the genial ladies of crossover music. Here are some excerpts.

Check out one of their numerous performance videos.

Could you share the journey of how your all-female band came together and explored the world of crossover music, fusing traditional Nigerian sounds with contemporary influences?

It all started with a vision, and the vision is geared towards identifying young ladies with musical potential and zeal, brushing their skill set, and channeling it towards productivity and of public value. We chose to do a crossover pattern of music to be able to relate our sound to various kinds of audiences at any event and meet their musical needs, especially when it’s a multi-cultural or multi-religious gathering. Another reason why we decided to stay with crossover music is because of its broad scope and technical approaches, it widens our musical knowledge and musicianship as well.

 Crossover music often requires a delicate balance between different genres. How do you manage to seamlessly blend traditional Nigerian music with modern elements in your compositions?

It has everything to do with creativity and a lot of musical experience in that line.

What inspired each of you to embark on this musical journey and experiment with crossover music, specifically emphasizing your Nigerian cultural roots?

The vision of the band keeps everyone going, and the quest to get better musically.

Also, it is worth saying that our togetherness has a way of enabling and influencing individuals’ vision as well. All makes the journey interesting.

 Nigeria has a rich musical heritage. Can you elaborate on how your band honors and infuses traditional Nigerian rhythms, instruments, or melodies into your crossover pieces?

When it comes to Nigerian music and especially indigenous music, the flow comes naturally often. Flow, rhythm, and lyrics are fast to achieve because it has its own sound which is kind of inherent to our traditions and culture. This makes the fusion easy.

Genial camp

Genial Sound, the all female musical band

Collaboration is essential in creating a cohesive crossover sound. How do you navigate individual artistic expressions within the band to craft a unified musical narrative?

There is always a standard and approach to any genre or music style. However, we allow individual artistic expressions in our music and not compromising the original standard, hence making it our sound of the music.

Your performances must resonate with a wide range of listeners. How do you ensure that your music appeals to both fans of traditional Nigerian music and those more inclined toward contemporary genres?

The kind of audience we have at various events determines the style of music we play at a time. What is important to us is to ensure communication, carrying our listeners along in our music, and for everyone to feel entertained.

Could you share a memorable instance where your crossover approach led to a surprising musical discovery or an unexpected creative outcome?

That happens mostly behind the scenes at our rehearsals. So, when it happens and it makes sense, we adopt it as our sound.

In today’s globalised world, how does your band envision preserving and promoting Nigerian cultural identity through your unique brand of crossover music?

We, most time reflect our indigenous tune in our music with elements/instruments such as talking drums (gangan), and shakers (shekere). Even when we are playing contemporary or Western music, you will hear a bit of these elements which makes a great and unique sound.

Many aspiring musicians struggle with finding their unique style. How did your band develop its distinctive crossover sound, and what advice would you offer to emerging artists seeking a similar fusion?

The first step is self, passion, and talent discovery; be sure that this is what you want to do.

Do a lot of research on it, get experience from people of like minds in the industry, and get relevant materials.

As an all-female ensemble in the music industry, what challenges have you encountered and overcome while carving a niche in the crossover music scene?

It was a tough one when we started due to the religious background of almost all band members. We had so much struggle with breaking the barrier of not wanting to play music elsewhere outside the religious cycle.

Your music would resonate with audiences from various cultural backgrounds. How do you perceive the universal language of music aiding in bridging cultural gaps and fostering understanding?

(We) perceive it as a useful tool to facilitate peaceful coexistence among (the) human race.

Looking ahead, what exciting projects or ambitions do you have as a crossover band, and how do you envision pushing the boundaries of your genre even further while maintaining your Nigerian roots?

We are looking forward to an international musical tour. We envision pushing the boundaries of our music bank by adding massively to our repertoire (and exploring) more genres.

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