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I am currently on a new adventure- Gosh! I get bored easily if an adventure turns out; not so adventurous. I will share a lot with you via this platform. Along the line, you may think I show off a lot, don’t blame me, blame the name and concept of this witty magazine FEFERITY!

People waste many hours a day battling through traffic to get to work. Not only is that frustrating, it’s wasting a lot of ‘life-time’. The year is still young, you can start something different – Move with time!
You can start your business from your laptop with an Internet connection, you can literally be anywhere in the world and run your business. You can sell absolutely anything.
It’s called e-commerce! Become an ‘Online Entrepreneur’. E-commerce is a transaction of buying or selling online. Set up your shop on eBay, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, Craigslist, eBid, plus you can create your own website too.
Try it and thank me later!

Do you know you can combine food items as you like it? I am beginning to sound like William Shakespeare.
I’ve been watching Celebrity Chefs’ TV shows and follow them online; Honestly, they don’t perform magic. They are just adventurers who allow their imaginations to run wild when it comes to food combination.
Well, I thought of ‘Food Adventure’. I will share with you some of my ‘crazy’ food combinations. Trust me, they are yummy, scrumptious edibles.

I don’t know about you? I and money have become the best of friends since I developed a ‘money-saving sense’
My watchdog is; if there is an alternative, don’t waste money buying new stuff.
When I moved home, I discovered some items in my storage and I could not figure out when or why I bought them.
‘BOGOF’ (Buy one get one free)! If that offer is coming from one of the big stores, it is a ‘TRAP,’ don’t fall into it except you really, really need more than one of such items. ‘Marketing gimmicks’ I call them.

Meanwhile, I have discovered a store in my neighbourhood- Sam 99P, where it is very okay to ‘BOGOF’. You can get some nice things, at very affordable prices.
I love perfumes but can’t afford to cough out the kind of money my regular one’s costs. So, I went into Sam 99P shop to try my luck. Lo and behold, so many Eau de Perfume and Eau De Toilette staring at me. Beckoning me to come close.
After bathing myself in more than 10 different fragrances, I eventually settled for ‘The Secret Club and Gaze Love. Go on then, they still have more. They will make a great ‘Christmas gifts’ too.
What exactly are you after when choosing your perfume? The scent or the brand name?
So many of us fall for the brand name rather than the scent. Ummmhhhh! I discovered some ‘yummylicious Eau De Perfume’ in the 99p shop. It’s crazy! More than 10 people told me; I smelled good, three times the number that usually commend my high-end perfume.
I am even thinking of starting an online store, where people can buy sweet-smelling Eau De Perfume.
Meanwhile, while surfing the internet, I found a meaning for perfume- ‘Fragrance worn by women, to remain freshly scented and possibly attract the opposite sex’ WHAT? REALLY! Attract the opposite sex?

Talking about affordable products, I have noticed a new wave of young game-changers, who are not afraid to build their brands from the ground up.
In fact, I was fortunate to catch up with one of them, recently in London.
Meet Oluwafunmike Abdulazeez, AKA Funkie Diamond. She graduated from Fountain University, Nigeria in 2013 with a BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Master’s in Management, Finance and Accounting in 2016, from University of Leicester, UK.
What endeared her to me, is not just the fact that she’s a young Makeup Artist, who has magical fingers, that enhances women’s looks, she also mentors young people in the community, encouraging them, to launch out and make positive impacts in the world, using their talents or innovations.
Funkie Diamond, is an inspiration to other young people across the globe.
From absolutely nothing, without any funding or loan, she managed to create her own makeup brand.
Meet a Young Entrepreneur with a passion to help budget-conscious consumers enjoy high end make up products.
Funkie Diamond is 25 years. She started her business 4 years ago as a Makeup Artist. The CEO, AFUNKIE Beauty.  She resides in the United Kingdom.

Well, I am taking a break for now. Catch you in our next edition VOO

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