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Mike Nliam, an alumnus of the University of Ilorin, holds a degree in Agriculture and a certificate in Film and television production from the University of California, Los Angeles. A luminary in the early days of Nollywood, Mike’s prolific career spans over 300 movies, where he showcased his talent as a songwriter and soundtrack maker.

Notable works include soundtracks for classics like “Nneka the Pretty Serpent,” “Tears for Love,” and “Glamour Girls.” Beyond songwriting, he delved into movie production, collaborating with industry stalwarts like Chico Ejiro and Zik Okafor, producing over 20 films.

As a line producer for the successful TV series “Deceptive Measures,” produced by Zee Factory of Bombay, Nliam demonstrated his versatile expertise. His contributions extend to the main music realm, being one half of the duo Safari, producing hits like “One Day Ego Better” and “Yaapa.”

Nliam has an impressive portfolio of movie and TV productions, encompassing titles such as “Silent Night,” “Nightmare,” “Dead End,” “Unforgettable,” “Fugitive,” “Face of A Liar,” “Player Numba 10,” “Deceptive Measures,” “Blood Diamonds,” and “Assassin’s Practice,” among others.

In the realm of TV series, he has made significant contributions to productions like “Oasis,” “Akpos & Company,” and “Mr. Wonderful.” This extensive body of work reflects Mike’s diverse expertise and creative contributions to both the big and small screens.

For these and more, the WOMA Steering Committee awards MIKE NLIAM the distinguished certificate of a SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD – in Movie Soundtracks.


Franklyn Frantos Snr., with citations and graphics from the WOMA Steering Committee.

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