QUICKCHAT! With Afropriest, Eegun Mogaji, the London-based artist rallying Africans to find their own voice

by Feferity

Tell us what we most probably don’t know about Eegun MogajiEegun studied music business in the British Academy of New Music in Stratford, London. Eegun was the frontman for Bronzehead, an Afrobeat band in London from 2009 to 2014 when the band got disbanded.

How did you learn to sing, write and play music? I started singing from the church at the age of 5. And started writing original music just after finishing secondary school.

Eegun Mogaji

If injustice, inequality and all those nuances propel you to fight, what fires your creative imagination? I’m inspired by everything around me; life, politics, human beings, human nature, etc.

In 2003, I released a song titled “Riot in Hell” during an ethnic clash in my neighbourhood in Idi Araba, Lagos Nigeria.

What is your most iconic project to date? I would say my last Ep, The Festival, was very special. And the only Ep made by my old band Bronzehead, titled “Hemiphonic”.

Anything fans should look forward to in the New Year? I would be going to Lagos Nigeria, after over a decade away. The sound has evolved since I left but they need me Eegun the Afropriest. I have the knowledge and experience plus no one makes music like me, and I have learnt a lot (that) I want to share with my people.

If you were not making music, what job would you be doing? If I wasn’t making music, I probably would have been a teacher. I love to share knowledge, I am very passionate about us Africans finding our voice in this global village (that) we live in.

What aspect of making music delights you most? Writing and producing is my thing. I believe in my pen a lot. I can write any kind of music.

Who would you really like to duet/collaborate with? I have plans currently to do a collaboration with Seun Kuti, he is a good friend of mine. I also love what Burna Boy is doing with his fusion sound. Where the music is now is my territory and we can make magic together.

What challenges in the music industry are of most concern to you, and how would you like these to be addressed? For me, I have always been an independent artist all my life, never signed, never sponsored, but I have more content than many who got all this form of support. So I want to create a platform where talent can be sourced and supported. It has been a very difficult journey but I’m grateful for the knowledge and experience.

Final word, any message for your fans? My fans in Nigeria have kept faith in me for over 10 years and followed my journey here in London. I’m coming home to say thank you. For all the love.

 *QuickChat! Arranged by Segun Martins Fajemisin for Feferity Media Group© 2020 

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