Health, Wellness & Life Freedom 2

by Feferity

Health, Wellness & Life Freedom

…with Michelle K

Three tips for a healthy life

Here are a few tips for you lovely people to add into your life and that will help you on your way to being healthy in no time.

1 – Spend some time preparing for the week ahead, look at what you are up to and what food you need to pre-prepare the night before for a healthy day and do the food shopping with this in mind. I do this weekly on a Sunday evening. I personally like to have a shake in the morning, so it’s quick and easy. I recommend a protein that gives your body the nutrients it needs and works in synergy with your body for maximum effect. See my website for protein powders. Feel free to ask for any further information or samples to try.

2 – Stay away from processed foods, saturated fats and refined sugars. I always read the packet of everything I buy. It helps to know what you are putting into your body. Anything too high in sugar or saturated fat I put back.

3 – Try and raise your heart rate for at least 10-15mins a day (You could walk up the stairs instead of the lift or try a HIIT workout. I like to do workouts at home as well as the gym).

Good & healthy food

Life Freedom

As you are probably aware, I have a fantastic team of entrepreneurs who I mentor to build their online businesses. This month, as a team, we have been growing massively. Our newest team member, Keisha Shokunbi, launched her business with a bang after a fantastic home event and managed to obtain some clients and further interests in her business. It was so simple to do; with a few health and wellness products and a glass of bubbly, we all had the best time. We are on a mission to free our lives from the ‘9 to 5 humdrum’ and grow an online business that will enable us all to leave our jobs and work in our own time for ourselves. Bring on a spring of amazing events and business growth for all! Do feel free to get in contact if you want to know more.

Michelle Konneh, social marketing entrepreneur, mentor and online business coach is dedicated to assisting individuals to achieve personal goals by living a healthy lifestyle.


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