Innovation and Impact: A Spotlight on Anthony Eyitayo AKANLE, General Manager of Traffic Radio, Lagos

by Franklyn Frantos (Snr)

With over two decades of experience in public administration, communications, and media management, this seasoned professional is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the Nigerian media landscape. Anthony Eyitayo Akanle, whose journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Obafemi Awolowo University, is further enriched by specialised training in information technology in public administration from the Singapore Cooperation Training Programme.

As the General Manager of Lagos Traffic Radio under the Ministry of Information and Strategy, Eyitayo has led groundbreaking initiatives that significantly expanded listenership and digital engagement, such as introducing live camera updates for real-time traffic reports and leveraging new media technologies for a broader audience reach. His tenure as Director of ICT/Social Media at the same ministry and leadership roles in press and public relations departments across various ministries have honed his strategic planning, team leadership, and stakeholder engagement skills.

A member of prestigious professional bodies including the Society of Broadcasters of Nigeria and the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Eyitayo is committed to continuous learning and contributing positively to organisational objectives, as exemplified by his participation in national and international training programmes and conferences.

Feferity interviews the astute professional who shares his views, insights, and strategies for professional excellence.

FMG: Could you share with us the primary objectives and mission of Lagos Traffic Radio and how it aligns with the broader goals of the Ministry of Information and Strategy?


Lagos Traffic Radio is a foremost radio station in Nigeria with a vision to be the most reliable radio station providing traffic information in Africa and to also provide timely, accurate traffic information and travel advisory to commuters for enhanced productivity using modern technologies. It is an agency under the auspices of the Ministry of Information and Strategy whose core mandate is to manage state government information, thereby projecting and protecting its image. By extension, the station is also an information-disseminating agency that helps broadcast traffic and other government information to the residents of the state.

FMG: What inspired the innovative initiatives such as live camera updates and expanded coverage beyond roads, and how have they impacted the station’s audience engagement and effectiveness in delivering traffic information?


The initiative of Live Camera Updates (LCU) is to keep up with the current realities and dynamism of a society like ours, in which the deployment of new technology and innovations are components that will not only make the station more relevant but also serve its purpose. However, the latency of traffic updates, for instance, the delay in getting updates to commuters and the motoring public, the ever-dynamic traffic situation around the metropolis, and inaccurate descriptions of the traffic situations by traffic managers and other stakeholders were major challenges that this technology-based innovative solution would try to resolve.

The LCU project is in partnership with the state’s Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology, which was achieved through the live feeds from the Lagos Smart City project, which includes the CCTV cameras installed on different roads in Lagos. The Ministry allows access to these feeds directly from the studio while translating them into real-time traffic information for commuters and motorists in Lagos and beyond.

Lagos - Feferity Media Group

Lagos Traffic. Monitored by Lagos Traffic Radio

FMG: How does Lagos Traffic Radio ensure accuracy and reliability in its traffic reports, considering the dynamic nature of traffic conditions in Lagos?


The technology-based innovative solution of Live Camera Updates (LCU) helps ensure that traffic updates are accurate and reliable as it gives access to real-time traffic information, refining the old process with a lot of inadequacies. Live feeds are accessed directly from the studio, which will be translated into real-time traffic information for residents in Lagos and beyond.

FMG: What strategies does the station employ to maintain a strong digital presence and effectively leverage new media platforms for audience outreach?


The station has experienced a continuous increase in its online audience base through leveraging technology, especially the new media, which has enabled the creation of multiple platforms for traffic information and a wider reach for the dissemination of government information.

This was achieved by re-invigorating and re-energising the official social media handles through the application of tried and tested social media strategies and home-grown initiatives such as monitoring, quick response to feedback, consistency in content management, and scheduling of content, amongst others. These have greatly provided the much-needed leap in audience on these platforms, as shown below:







X (formerly Twitter)



Terrestrial Audience

800,000 Listeners

2,000,000 Listeners

Additionally, the technology of live streaming has also been embraced in all the station’s programmes, giving its online audience a new experience as they can now view their favourite programmes and presenters through live video from the studio. This is also an attempt by the station to provide multiple platforms for both online and terrestrial audiences to access traffic information.

FMG: Can you discuss the role of public-private partnerships and collaborations in enhancing the station’s services and reaching a wider audience?


In terms of public-private partnerships, the station has been able to partner with quite a number of public and private organisations, which has helped the station engage more with its audience. A good example of such a partnership is the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA), whose traffic managers stationed in various locations in the state are equipped to provide traffic information for commuters through the station. Others are the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRRC) and the Ogun State Traffic Management Corps (TRACE), while the private sector includes, amongst others, Automedic Limited with its programme “automedics.”

LATSMA-Feferity Media Group

The LATSMA team was inspected by Mr Governor

FMG: What challenges has Lagos Traffic Radio faced in its operations, and how has the station overcome or adapted to these challenges?


Some of the challenges faced by the station are a lack of adequate power supply and a shortage of funds, among others.

FMG: How does the station engage with the community and gather feedback to improve its programming and services?


The station gathers feedback through our volunteer callers, the Lagos State Radio and Television Callers Association, and an online audience that always sends observations and suggestions to the station. We also engage our audience across our social media handles by responding to questions in the comment section

FMG: In what ways does Lagos Traffic Radio contribute to traffic management and transportation policies in Lagos State, particularly in alignment with the T.H.E.M.E.S. + Agenda?


The station has explored several ways to expand its horizons for its teeming audience. This has reflected traffic management and transportation in the “T” pillar of the T. H. E. M. E. S. PLUS agenda by introducing live reports from the waterways to encourage Lagos residents to embrace water transportation that would further decongest the roads. It’s also given an update on the Blue Line rail, with the further intention of bringing onboard the Red Line as soon as it commences operations. It did not stop at that, as it also provides information on flight schedules for local travellers to plan their journey.

However, the inclusion of other modes of transportation as part of what the station reports was borne out of the fact that Mr. Governor, His Excellency, Governor Sanwo-Olu’s administration has resolved to achieve an integrated inter-modal transport system in the state. The station has explored this opportunity in a bid to expand the horizons for her teeming audience and reflects the Traffic Management and Transportation “T” pillar of the T. H. E. M. E. S. PLUS agenda by providing live reports from the waterways to encourage Lagos residents to embrace water transportation to further decongest the roads. Also, the station collaborates with the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) to give train schedules and, presently, gives updates and schedules for the state-owned Blue Line rail, intending to bring on board the Red Line as soon as it commences operations.

Furthermore, the station also provides information on flight schedules for local travellers to plan their journey, as well as shipping positions and the number of ships berthing at home ports.

Anthony Eyitayo Akanle, GM (LTR)

FMG: Could you share some insights into the station’s revenue generation strategies, such as advertising sales and sponsorships, and how these contribute to its sustainability?


We shall continue to explore new terrain, hence expanding our revenue net so that we can meet our obligations and needs, as this would enhance smooth broadcast operations all year round.

FMG: On a personal note, how do you unwind after a typical weekend without traffic in the lives of the GM and family?


In my very rare spare time, I usually unwind by reading and surfing the internet, watching action movies, hanging out with friends, and sometimes travelling. Most of all, I like to spend time with my family as much as I can.

FMG: Lastly, what are the plans and aspirations of Lagos Traffic Radio, especially in terms of technological advancements, audience growth, and continued innovation in traffic reporting?

Anthony Eyitayo Akanle, GM - Lagos Traffic Radio (LTR) - Feferity

Anthony Eyitayo Akanle, GM – Lagos Traffic Radio (LTR)


Since we want to continue to be consistent and relevant by adding value to Lagosians, we will continue to be receptive to new ideas, especially those that are technologically inclined. Our aspiration, amongst others, is to ensure that technology reflects virtually in all our endeavours, which will impact our growth both online and terrestrially.

Conclusively, Lagos Traffic Radio has always lived up to its core value by providing timely, reliable, and accurate traffic updates and information, adapting to the dynamic trends of traffic situations in the Lagos metropolis, and using technologically innovative measures to ensure Lagosians get objective travel advice that will help them spend less time on the road.

FMG: Thank you, Mr. GM. It’s been wonderful and a pleasure chatting with you. As we can see, you are a very busy person, and you still find time to cater to the needs of the average Lagos motorist, helping them find value on our roads. We all know that navigating the Lagos traffic could be something else, and with you and your team’s help, I am sure many Lagosians are grateful.


It’s what we do as a service to the people. The pleasure is mine. Thanks for coming too.


Franklyn Frantos, Sr.

Co-founder, Feferity Media Group (UK).

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