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by Franklyn Frantos (Snr)


ZUBBY ENEBELI - feferity

Azubuike Emmanuel Enebeli, also known as Zubby-Enebeli

Zubby Enebeli, also known as Azubuike Emmanuel Enebeli, is a multifaceted talent - an accomplished musician, artiste, and politician. His musical journey began as the lead backup singer for Onyeka Onwenu in the renowned Kabassa Band from 1988 to 1992. Zubby, with his remarkable vocal prowess, won the Lekki Sunsplash talent hunt in 1991. As a member of the ZAP SQUAD, a standout studio backup group, Zubby played a pivotal role in numerous Lemmy Jackson productions.

His musical legacy is underscored by a discography spanning eight albums, each a testament to his artistic evolution. From the inaugural “Be Strong” in 1993 to the recent “All Glory to the Lord” in 2022, Zubby’s musical prowess has consistently resonated. Beyond the stage, he has found balance in family life, being a devoted husband and father of four, while making Lagos his home. Zubby Enebeli’s journey is not just a musical odyssey; it’s a testament to resilience, growth, and an enduring commitment to artistic excellence.

For these and more, the WOMA Steering Committee awards ZUBBY ENEBELI the distinguished certificate of a SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD – in Session Backup Vocalisation.


*Texts – Introductory texts by Franklyn Frantos Snr., with citations and graphics from the WOMA Steering Committee

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