SPOTLIGHT ON ‘3NOVA’ (The Bright Stars)

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3Nova is a group comprising of three ambitious male Ugandan artistes who believe in hard work, are passionate and talented musicians currently living in the United Kingdom.

The group features Joe GayaLong Matt and Paul Waga who incidentally met during a studio session in Base Studio, Edmonton, London.

3Nova (The Bright Stars)

The trio have two audios already in circulation (Ndowozako and Murder) and these are available for download on SpotifyAmazon, iTunes and other media platforms and a video has just been released.

3Nova was birthed recently and the group is currently working under E&M Ent and Eight Links Productions Ltd. They pride themselves as being the first of this kind of musical trio in the African Diasporas. Their aim is to reach out and spread the message of their brand of music globally, promoting mixed cultures and arts in the process.

You can check them out on their social media platforms and show support.

Who is 3NOVA?

3NOVA is an all-male musical group based in the United Kingdom, who currently specialises in genres such an Afro-beat and Dancehall. Their diversity and creativity have blended to evolve a kind of music output distinctly different to the main run of heavily Western-influenced Afro-beat.


Artist Name: Paul Waga

Paul Waga

Why I got into music? It all began from my primary school, Namilyango Boys where I took part in music classes and later on joining the school choirs at that time back in 2008. The artist at that time that really inspired me was Akon which gave me an idea of how I could tune up my singing skills and creating my own unique style. Ever since, I haven’t stopped trying new ideas, harmonies and later on melodies.

Artist Name: Long Matt

Long Matt

“I grew up listening to the likes of Chris Brown and R Kelly and I always sang along to their songs. My mum kept on inspiring me and complimenting my voice which uplifted me but I didn’t have an idea of how to go about the talent I had because of my surroundings. The reason why I got into music was through a friend of mine called Henry who always invited me to different studio sessions after noticing that I was talented. It’s from these bookings that I met these two artists who were eager to hear what I had to say. After a while they got me fuelled up in coming up with a verse and it’s from there that we made our first song Ndowozako.”

Artist Name: Joe Gaya

Joe Gaya

“I came to the UK at the age of 8, and the musical side crept in because my parents are musicians. Growing up around music at home and my parents allowing to go for drama and theatre performances helped me to realise as I was growing up that I was better in music than in drama and performance. I have done solo projects as well as collaborations before the formation of 3NOVA.

How was 3NOVA formed? I had booked a studio session to go and record my solo song but when I got there I found other artists still recording and there was certain energy which made us bond instantly. I sampled an instrumental for them and we put words together and came up with Ndowozako. The song made us realise that we could make many more projects as a team. In a span of one month, we have managed to complete two projects, both with audios and videos.”

Watch 3NOVA’s Afro-Dancehall debut, NDOWOZAKO, the official music video here…

@3NOVAMUSIC (Facebook)

@3Nova6 ( Twitter)

@3Nova_music (Instagram)

Management Contacts

Telephone: +44 (0)7423610042


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