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The Protein Shake Myth Buster…

What is the point of protein shakes?

They are simply a convenient way to increase your protein intake. By hitting the required daily amount of protein your body needs, this will assist with muscle growth, metabolism and many more bodily functions. You can get protein from foods alone, a shake is just a bit more convenient.

Do you need to have whey in your protein?
Whey is the watery part of milk that remains after the formation of curds. You do not necessarily need a whey-based protein; however, some lactose-intolerant people find whey-free protein such as vegan protein better for them. The protein I use is a pea, rice and cranberry-based protein which works in synergy with your body.

What’s the best time of day to consume your protein shake?
I personally have mine for breakfast. I add almond milk, frozen berries and nut butter for nutritional value. It does all depend on what you are doing in the day, a shake after a workout will aid muscle recovery, however, a morning shake will kick start your metabolism.

Life Freedom

The month of April is the Global Training Conference for my business in the amazing location of the MGM Grand Arena in Vegas! There will be over 18,000 consultants attending. I’m so excited to be going to learn about all our new products that will be released this year. My team and I head out there not only to learn but to also listen to motivational speakers such as this year’s guest speaker, Mel Robbins, who wrote the fantastic book, “The Five-Second Rule”.
If you haven’t read it you should! It changed my life! We also enjoy the sights and fun of the Vegas strip and the fantastic nightlife. Please feel free to follow my Instagram page for updates on Vegas (Username – seashellmichelle0).
If you would like to know more about my business or the products, please feel free to get in contact. Have a fantastic Easter guy!

Michelle Konneh, social marketing entrepreneur, mentor and online business coach is dedicated to assisting individuals to achieve personal goals by living a healthy lifestyle. 


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