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Akin Adaramola (Shares his views)

The Amotekun vigilante of the South West, invoking the doctrine of necessity is the honest resolution option for a politically honest president. This is the time for the President to do this. But would he? Can he?

The doctrine of necessity is the basis on which extra-legal actions by state actors (Legislators and the Executives) are taken and are designed to restore order where an action that is in the public interest is found to be ‘unconstitutional’, but very necessary at the time, to safeguard the lives and properties of the citizens or safeguard the peace and survival of a Nation, Region/State etc.

The doctrine of necessity has since been applied in a number of Commonwealth countries and in most strikingly, in the year 2010 the doctrine was invoked to justify the extra-legal action in the country, when the then President, Umaru Shehu Ya’radua was living his last days on a sickbed in faraway Saudi Arabia.

Following the adoption of the principle, in 2010, the parliament created an Acting President, citing the doctrine. Pakistan, 1953. First use

It is in the light of the aforesaid that ‘unconstitutionality’ should not be a reasonable excuse for any politically sagacious and pragmatic political leader(s). As the type of recent reckless kidnappings and horrendously savage killings that took place in the South West and elsewhere would kill the nation call Nigeria sooner than later if future large scale killings are not prevented.

In this wise, nothing should be too important or too rigid an obstacle to any viable solution, including an invocation of the doctrine of the necessity for the South west’s innocent initiative, which is supposed to help a federal government that has been indicted severally of official derelict of its duty of securing the region.

President Buhari is better advised to be elderly, soberly, statesmanlike, and non-tribalistic in reviewing the Attorney General Malami’s pronouncements, which no doubt, was at the behest of a Cabal and the parasitic hawks in the corridors of power. A stitch, as our people are wont to say, often saves nine most times. This, however, is for reasonable leaders to ponder on, and would definitely help to preserve the corporate existence of Nigeria without bloodshed nor wastage of billions of dollars on armaments!!!

Akin Adaramola

The Otunba & Asiwaju Onigbagbo of Esa Oke land

Apesin of Ila Orangun Kingdom and the Gbobaga of Efon Alaaye Land

Images, courtesy of Google.

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