In hordes, We lost our Virginity

by Afolayan Adebiyi

Like a young maiden,

Full of life,

Radiating all infant fullness!

At infancy, she blossomed –

Haa! Young Maiden, full of innocence,

Three coloured ambiguity n’standing.

Maidens all bright,

Yet still young, beautiful,

Ever blossoming in spite.

Handsome suitors, all encircled her

Her riches ensnare ‘em.

Her influence, size, a great desire

Men too, were men

Suitors with means

Life was full, expectations high

Then the missteps,

Then circle full of motions, still no movement!

Kids born, yet no marriage,

Wealth flaunting, yet no home,

Forlorn hope all’ver

Maiden now abused, raped,

Inheritance looted, resources converted,

Hope dashed, future gloomy

Handsome suitors all disappeared,

Offspring all look different ways

Some gallivanted, blabbing arrogantly

Some took far too much local gin

Looted wealth now flaunts in the streets,

New status, new life,

Virginity thrown away,

Innocence off the plane,

Innocence Passed by; new life;

New taste acquired!

One faltering step after other

All seem to move helter-skelter.

No clear direction, blurred vision all o’ver,

Still the Maiden faltered on; stumbles on and on

One missteps too many

She covered one false step with another

From the chaos, emerges a New Home

A suitor had finally built one,

A head forcefully installed,

Soon another round of chaos took o’er

Anomie now ruled the house,

All looking for the beautiful maiden

Violators besiege her, left, right, centre

No counselling voice

No one dare to be different

In hordes, they faltered

In hordes, we lament

In hordes, we lament our collective woes,

Torrential denunciations of signs of time

Full of sorrows and hard pass

Memories of ages past

Full of milk and honey

Bounteous harvest,

Plenteous in droves

All labour engaged

The past laden in gold, pure gold

In refrain, we congregate, we massed,

Together the old, young: men, women

Slack in resolute, resolve

But firm in disarray

Go, push, and lead to nowhere

Shepherds, all, all lead voices

Heads, all must

Listens, not, no one, none

Just cacophonies,

Hullabaloos, all at once

In refrain, we merry around

Pot bellies, flowing babanrigas with caps of many colours

Long, tall, bended, oblong, dog, south, north, all

Lots to eat, drink

Only at merriment times

With angry and hungry souls staring not too far

Drawn faces, forlorn looks

Despondent souls

Massed a distance outside merry venues

Yet we make merry, all day


In refrain, we salute power

Power of emptiness

Of vanity

Gotten with tears and blood

Of innocent souls

But are dawn the bowels of the Mothers’ earth

Six feet down, lonely,

Lay stoned, darkened with spilled blood,

All now forgotten

Heroes of our daily toil

Cryptograms of our collective till

The man in the common sights

In refrain, we celebrate

Like the ritualists we wildly celebrate

Rolls out the antique drums

Sings the Labyrinths oddly too early

Year in, year out

Failures of heroes of ages past

Heroes of lost ideals and ideas

Of lost virginity, innocence

Yet we disdain the very purity

Of our collective psyches

In refrain, we watch in helpless awe

As homes, offices rap confusion

Young souls, all idle

All lost in the cacophonies

All wait on hope,

E go better, e go better refrain

No bed to rest battered heads at stillness of nights

Dusk fades to dawn

They lumped together

In nothing they gaze,

In nothing, they aspire

Leaders of tomorrow

Destitute of today

Yet we celebrate, we mourn, all in refrain

The spillage of our commonwealth till

The sweat and blood of our heroes past,

Lost virginity of our choice maidens

Our mothers honour bereft, dignity violated

Heritage god desecrated

Future mortgaged, destroyed

We mourn on and on,

Yet no end in celebrations

With the traducers in tow

The very oppressors on stage

Their crowd come in various shapes and sizes,

All to sing, to dance, to make merry

Merry of conquest of our national purse

The common till, now in few pockets

Yet we celebrate, we refuse to mourn

Afolayan Adebiyi writes from Lagos, Nigeria

Feferity Media Group © 2020


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